Every purchase fights poverty.

In the summer of 2020, our team screened 628 openly Christian charities that work around the world to do ministry and alleviate poverty. From this starting pool, we requested interviews with 100 of the organizations, conducted 72 interviews, and determined a set of highly effective charities to support. Half of the profits from this store will go to support these recommended charities.

Our recommended charities work within five cause areas: health, education, safety, capital, and ministry. At Simple Charity, we believe that these five causes are all essential components of human flourishing and that God wants His people to work in all five. We believe that sharing the love of Christ is crucial, but so is promoting health and education, improving justice systems, and enabling entrepreneurship. God cares about every aspect of our lives.

Every purchase fuels our mission.

We reinvest the other half of the profits to support Simple Charity's mission of inspiring Christian students to grow in solidarity with people experiencing poverty and injustice. We believe that solidarity is a virtue that means "unity regardless of proximity." We want to help the Church practice this unity through tangible habits of love.

Our programs all fall into one of three categories: simplifying charity, gathering people, and transforming habits.

We simplify charity through our prescriptive charity evaluation research. We also share the stories of the nonprofits we recommend by amplifying the voices of their beneficiaries. To hear powerful stories of people who have overcome poverty, check out our podcast, Two Coins.

We gather people on college campuses. Our student chapters are a movement of Christian students fighting global poverty by growing together in Christ-centered communities, advocating for restorative justice, and raising money for our vetted charities. For more information, click here.

Finally, we transform habits by creating resources like the Solidarity Challenge and Solidarity Resolution. These resources are designed to help believers experience grace and abundance.

The Two Coins Podcast


Two Coins is a podcast about God-loving overcomers around the world. It features stories of individuals who are on the frontlines of fighting global poverty, most of whom have experienced poverty themselves and overcome it.

Two Coins is transportive, exposing listeners to cultures and issues around the world. It is also transparent, sharing real stories by real people. Finally, it is transformative, inspiring listeners to share Christ's heart for the poor and to make an impact in the lives of others.

In December 2020, we gave 100% of the profits from this store to the nonprofits featured in Season One of Two Coins. Listen now on Spotify, Apple, or online.